Woolly Pig Pastures is a small family owned sustainable farm that was started in 2018 by two newlyweds Elizabeth and Nolan Warwick . Both being first generation farmers we had zero experience or background in farming, but we started the farm with the desire to know where our food came from and to produce the highest quality food that we could. From the very beginning of our farming journey we have been committed to raising animals ethically, entirely on pasture, and in harmony with nature. As a faith driven farm we see it not only as a responsibility to provide the healthiest food that we can to our family and customers, but to also be the best stewards that we can regarding the lives of our pigs, chickens and the land. Our regenerative farming methods not only let our pigs express their "pigness" but is healing and restoring the pastures as well. Working in part with the pigs and chickens on pasture has turned what once was desolate crop land into thriving, lush, green pastures. 

Providing the healthiest food possible means we never use or feed GMO's (genetically modified organisms), antibiotics, hormones, or vaccines. We supplement strictly non - GMO feed that is given to the pigs and chickens as free choice on top of what they forage for on the pastures.
When the farm began in 2018 we wanted to raise a pig that was different from the typical image of what most people see as a pig. We also loved all of the old line, heritage varieties of pigs that weren't so well known and in some cases were listed as critically endangered. After doing our research we also needed an animal that would benefit the land and would be ideal for our cold Wisconsin winters. So we decided to settle on a few different heritage breeds like, Red Wattle, Berkshire, Tamworth and Mangalitsa a.k.a. Woolly Pigs! These pigs thrive outdoors and love the fresh air and sunshine. They also produce a product unlike anything in the supermarkets. With deep red color and rich white fat this heritage pork is anything but "the other white meat".
Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to provide healthy food from our farm to your family's table. Like we say here on the farm: poultry pecks and pigs till. You'll taste the difference! 
- Nolan and Elizabeth Warwick